DBIG was founded in 2015 under the laws of Cambodia. Since then DBIG has increasingly expanded its specialization to become an independent leading consulting firm in Cambodia. Now DBIG and international partners are able to offer construction and consulting services in structural engineering, transport infrastructure, land surveying, geotechnical engineering, water and environment, power and energy, architecture and urban planning, and agriculture and rural development. Through our highly skilled, vastly experienced professionals, who were both locally and overseas in a wide range of the fields of expertise, our projects have been successfully carried out, our clients are both from private and public sectors such as individuals, real

Our Vision

We offer “One-Stop Engineering Solutions”- i.e. in the design stage, we integrate three main concepts: stability (safe), economic Save), and aesthetic (beauty) into the design and in the construction stage, we optimize cost and time while maintaining quality acceptable within scope of work. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Green Buildings are integrated in our solutions.

Our Mission

To realize our vision, we continuously invest in human resource capacity buildings, advanced technologies and innovation in order to offer the best quality product and services through our creative, well-trained, competent, and motivating staff and their continuously improved workflow. We professionally team up to customize and match our clients’ specific demands, and we are …

Our Services

Non-Core Services
  1. Architecture and Urban Planning
  2. Mechanical, Electric and Plumbing (MEP)
  3. Water and Environment
  4. Agriculture and Rural Development
  5. Power and Energy
  6. Market and Social Research
Core Services
  1. Structural Engineering (Structures)
    1. Structural design and design review
    2. Structural condition assessment
  2. Geotechnical Engineering (Geotechnics)
    1. Soil investigation
    2. Foundation design and design review
    3. Foundation testing
  3. Construction Management
    1. Construction Supervision
    2. Project management
  4. Construction Informatics
    1. Training for Construction Informatics
    2. Software agent
  5. Transport infrastructure
    1. Land surveying
    2. Roads and highways
    3. Railways and airports

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