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1/ New opportunities for landless people.
2/ New opportunities for business people dream of lack of location.
3/ New opportunities for developers.
4/ This skill, my achievements, my ideas and my works are all yours.
5/ New modern apartments, high quality, comfortable and economically viable for everyone, a nine-lively business area, partly in a 5x20 square meter area in four floors:
I- Roof system with toxic & Generate Oxygen over 100 square meters.
 II- Vegetable garden full 70 square meters, roof top.
 III- Sports & Leisure 11.5 meters.
 IV – Three Residential Rooms with Bathrooms, Kitchens, Clothes, Work Desks, Modern Surface Materials, 72 sqm.
 V- Bathroom and store on 5 square meters.
 VI – Four stairs safe.
 VII – parking lot has three cars with 12 motorbikes.
 VIII-Garden & 6 decorative trees.
 IX-36 Million Commercial Commercials:
1/ Office
 2/ Cafés
 3/ Canteen
 4/ Sell Gloves
 5/ Pawnshop & Exchange
 6/ Product Positioning Location
 7/ Professional Development & Foreign Language Centers
 8/ Oak & Salon Shop
 9/ Home & coffee houses
 10/ More Cooling Machine & Café
 11/ Dentists
 12/ Labour services (pharmacies, chemicals, food, etc.).
 13/ Clinics
 14/ Consultation office (by skill …).
 15/ Agricultural Equipment Store (fertilizer, pesticide …).
 16/ Water Supply & Electric Shop
 17/ Phone & Electronics Repair & Repair
 18/ Expand Branch of Microfinance Institution
 19/ Professional advisory boards, etc. And able to meet the specifications, interests, interests, offered with business management software, business management  system,   website and application are easy to develop, expand, grow, grow, prosper, prosperity, globalization, achievements, ideas of our team,   friends of all friends and brothers and sisters.

Affordable price
1/ Ready to use.
2/ Transfer home on day 60 from the deposit date.
3/ Buildings have a unique feature to move freely.
4/ Quality of construction materials are guaranteed by the ASEAN team of
50 years (excluding prestige).
5/ Ensure the quality of materials equipped for 5 years with a one-year
6/ Facilitated by a specialist taxpayer at interest rates of $ … per month in
case customers want to pay the depreciation.
7/ There are 8 different payment options available to give customers the
opportunity to develop their products from $ 15,700 to $ 57500
 (depending on the equipment).Our team is happy to provide customers with
high quality, luxurious nature, natural environment,
 expanding the scope of modernization in the national development

Please contact us via:
Information: Info@dbig.us
PO. BOX: 2121
Call us: 099737737